Saturday, May 11, 2013

Mera Paas Maa Hain!!

th year was 94 n it was past midnight..v wre @Vadakara, India..Kathu was inside Amma and was abt 7months old! i had been ill tat day and by nite i was running a +100degs fever n on sleep went completely Unconscious.. Dad understood that things are slipping out of control n took me in his arms and started to the small town used to sleep by 8 n the fly doc was 3 kms away!! Except for a few Stray dogs, tre wud be absolootely no life on the Roads! we didnt had a Telephone n had bought a Solidaire TV only an year Back! as my dad lifted an almost lifeless me from the Bed and started making a move...just then, he felt Mom's Hand on his shoulder...Dad Turned and Mom said..I will also come!! That was Really Brave..She was 7 months pregnant and nowhere close to her athletic best..but still on that Midnight, she wanted to be with me..n  v 4 hit the Doc was still 3 kms away! dad had me on his arms and Mom had kathu on her tummy and they walked for close to a km when they finally saw a  Vehicle approaching..A Pandi Lorry.. ma mom virtually stood on th Middle n waved th Driver, a gentleman, without a sec thought, agreed to get us to the Doc!!..My mom climbed on to the Drivers Chamber..which wud have been atleast  4ft ht with a step smwhere along the ht..she still doesn’t know wre the Energy came for that mighty Leap!! me and my father followed..the truck driver ensured the Smoothest ride Possible and got us to the Doc’s clinic!! the Medical team have a medical Emergency in their hands!!..Mom n Dad stayed on the Verandah Bench the whole nite..Next day Morning, Doc said m out of Danger n mentioned it wud have been a very different story if i had been brought an hr or so late!! My Mom stayed at the place as long as she could and left only when i smiled @ her the morning! :)
my dad still doesn’t know why he didn’t Object my Mom and my Mom doesn’t know what made her set out for such an adventure Past Midnight with a Full blown Tummy! 
Love u n a very Happy Mothers day!! U r ULTRA SPECIAL!! J  


Gayathri Mohan said...

Amma is simply superb...!!! Happy mother's day amma...n bless me to becum a great mom like u in future ;)....

CB said...

Ha.. Kidu .. Convey my salute to aunty.

I learn that you were full grown by then that you explained it so well. :D

silverine said...

Very touching. If parents of the 80's and 90's and even earlier in rural areas and small towns were to recount their parenting tales, it would make one hell of a long tale of bravery and resilience. Parents are unsung heroes.

frOm ThE dOG oF sMall ThInGs!!:)